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Ozark Estate Liquidation is a private-public partnership that gives new life to your family's furniture, art and equipment.

  Ozark Estate Liquidation

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Overwhelmed by all the stuff you need out of your space? We can help.

Ozark Estate Liquidation will buy your belongings, remove them from your property and leave your home broom swept.

Leave the work to us.

We throw out the trash, give common household items to Community Voices, a charity that serves rural Arkansas, and the rest goes back to our warehouse, where it is passed on for someone else to love. We sell antiques, art and equipment cheap.

You get cash, we box and load, you have your space back and your belongings have a new happy home.

Call Today - We'll get the muscle on the truck. Mike's cell  (870) 504-2985

Mike's home (870) 496-2653

You can now send me an email to [email protected] and your problems are solved.

The before video below was taken after the boxes of stuff were removed. Next buyout, we'll try to remember to take the before pictures right when we start.